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Posted by Anonymous on Sun 26th Aug 2018 17:16
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  1. mediatype:texts -collection:(usfederalcourts) -language:"Arabic" -language:(hindi) -language:(korean) -language:(Arabic) -subject:(DTIC Archive) -collection:(arcadeflyers) -subject:(newspaper) -uploader:(sanskritdocs1) -collection:(biostor) -collection:(newspapers) -collection:(fedlink) -collection:(Radio_Schematics) -creator:(dutch+government) -collection:(arxiv)
  3. -f 22/18 --restrict-filenames --write-auto-sub --sub-lang it,en --embed-subs
  5. javascript: (function(){ theRef=window.location.href; theNumberPos=theRef.indexOf(".jp2&"); thePre =theRef.substring(0,theNumberPos-4); thePost =theRef.substring(theNumberPos); theNumber=theRef.substring(theNumberPos-4,theNumberPos); theNumberValue=parseInt(theNumber,10); theNumberValue=theNumberValue+1; theNumberPadded=("0000" + theNumberValue).substr(-4,4); theNewRef=thePre+theNumberPadded+thePost; window.location.href=theNewRef; })();

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